Circle of fifths lesson 5 - Minor flat scales

Welcome to the fifth (and final) Circle of fifths lesson.

It contains lots of piano and treble clef diagrams, and mp3 audio files to link all the relevant material together.

Below are detailed steps to understand and draw the minor flat scale names on the Circle of fifths diagram.

Please read the first four lessons before continuing, as they are meant to be read in sequence.

Circle of fifths
Lesson1. Introduction2. Major sharps3. Minor sharps4. Major flats5. Minor flats

1. Minor flats

This step shows how to memorize and draw the minor flat scale labels on the Circle of fifths diagram.

Memorizing the minor flat scale order

In 3. Minor sharps, all minor scale labels were drawn in, except for 3 labels.

And in 4. Major flats, all major flat scales labels were drawn in using the Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles Father phrase.

To work out the final 3 minor scale labels, this phrase will be re-used again starting at 7 o'clock on the outer spiral arm, moving counter-clockwise.